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Premium magazine template for blogger
Magazine Tamplate with 3 columns, page navigation menu, ads slots ready,social share buttons, related posts and footer columns. It has an excellent layout with professional look.
Setting Magazine Tamplate

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Template Senang


demo |  download

This template named Senang, because it's easy to be used.
Appearance is quite simple, with only the use of css code that is relatively easy loding blog.
Difference this time only, display the sidebar on the right when the homepages and will move the left side, when we read the full article.

How to edit my template Senang.

At the start from the top,

Find the code like this:
<div id="header-wrapper">
if it is found look on it, you'll see code like this.

<a class='mailto:#'><img alt='Mail' height='23' src='' width='36'/></a>
See who marked (#) replace the mail widget.

How to edit the menu bar:

Find the code like this:
<div id='content-wrapper'>
If you've found look under it, edit to suit your blog.

The only one way to edit the template, to its name.
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Template Mudah

Template Name : Mudah

Description : Mudah blogger template, easy loading, simple,SEO ready, auto readmore, 2 column and more.
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Hijau Template

4columns template is simple.
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joyiman Style

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templets easy

3columns template is simple.
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joyiman Style

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joyiman Style

Download Demo

Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
Name: joyiman Style
Description: joyiman Style Free Templates for blog is Free Templates for blog, 2 columns layout with right sidebar. 3 columns footer. Download joyiman style Free Templates for blog at Free Templates for blog 

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